Read how the Mississippi Delta helped write the love story of me and my wife, Janee’, in an article on the Teach For America (TFA) website.

Teach For America Spotlights


One of the earliest dates that Jemar and Janeé went on was a school field trip to Memphis. Two different school buses broke down on the way home and no one got home until the wee hours of the morning, but by the end Janeé knew she was “definitely interested” in her date. Jemar was leaving the Delta, however, after teaching for four years in Helena and moving to Florida to attend Seminary. Though both felt a pull toward each other, they didn’t make moves toward an official status until several months later.

After their first few dates, they knew they had an interest in each other, a commitment to education for all children, and, most importantly, a shared faith.  Keeping in touch via phone, Jemar would share what he was learning in seminary and Janeé (then in her third year of teaching in Indianola) would listen intently. Eventually, on…

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