Faith Begins Where You End

Authentic faith in God begins when you come to the end of yourself and realize your dependence on God.

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Jesus Heals the Official’s Son

I recently heard a sermon on John 4:46-54 when Jesus heals the official’s son.  Jesus is traveling in Galilee when an official whose son is sick comes to Him.  The official asks Jesus to go back with him and heal his son.  Instead of going back with the man Jesus says, “Go, your son will live” (v. 50a).  And the official, “believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way” (v. 50b)  As he is traveling home, the official’s servants meet him on the road and tell him that his son is recovering.  Then the man “believed, and all his household” (v. 53).

Coming to the End of Yourself

Although the text doesn’t explicitly say this, you can imagine what it took for the official to track down Jesus and ask Him to heal his son.  The official was a ruler, a man used to being in charge.  He had servants and wealth.  In most cases, he could speak and things would happen.  But despite this man’s status, wealth, and power he was could do nothing to save his own son.

The official had come to a point of desperation.  He realized his total inability to change his circumstances so he finds this itinerant preacher and miracle worker named Jesus.  But instead of getting signs and wonders he gets a word.  Jesus simply tells the official that his son will live, and the man has no choice but to believe Jesus.  And his faith was not in vain.  His son was healed and the man believed along with his whole household.

Your Moment of Desperation

Have you ever come to Jesus in a moment of desperation?  Have you ever realized the limits of your own resources and collapsed at the foot of throne of God’s throne pleading for help?

Like the official whose son was sick we have to come to the end of ourselves before we come to Jesus.  Our default disposition leans toward self-reliance.  But we can’t rely on a Savior until we stop relying on ourselves.

God uses the hard situations in life to humble us enough to come to Him as our deepest source of help, joy, and strength.

Faith Begins Where You End

Suffering and hardships are real.  You will face truly terrible situations.  But these situations can be opportunities to realize your own weakness and depend on God.  Faith begins where you end.

Discussion Question: Has God ever brought you to the end of yourself so you could put your faith in Him?  Tell us about it in the comments.

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