A Gathering of Reformed Black College & Seminary Students

Originally posted on the Reformed African American Network (RAAN)

For the third year in a row Reformed Black college and seminary students will gather for the African American Leadership Development and Recruitment Weekend (LDR ’13).

LDR Weekend at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis
LDR Weekend at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis

The theme for this year’s conference is “Call & Response: Hearing and Heeding God’s Will for Your Life“. You’ll hear from speakers like Carl Ellis, Jr., Randy Nabors, and Mike Higgins (Dean of Students at Covenant) and experience workshops focused on music ministry, counseling, and pastoral ministry.

The conference takes place at Covenant Theological Seminary on St. Louis, MO over Labor Day weekend, August 30 – September 1. Although the conference is geared toward students, all people from any walk of life and race or ethnicity are invited to attend.

Read more about the conference here: “There’s Plenty Good Room, So Choose Your Seat and Sit Down” by Carl & Karen Ellis



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