October 31st: Two Holidays in One!

Everyone knows October 31st is Halloween, but did you also know that it’s Reformation Day?

Martin Luther (1483-1546)
Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Whether Protestant or Catholic, Muslim or Christian Reformation Day is an important one.  On October 31st, 1517 a portly monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to church doors in Wittenberg, Germany.  Luther’s lengthy list of grievances against the Roman Catholic church and the form of Christianity practiced in his day catalyzed the Protestant Reformation.

The Reformation caused a series of religious and social changes unseen since the days of the apostles and the early Christians spreading their faith throughout the Roman empire.  Because of the Reformation we have the division between Protestants and Catholics. We have denominations like Lutherans and traditions of theology like Calvinism.  Even the birth of the United States is directly connected with the the pursuit of religious freedom to exercise the kind of faith that the Reformation popularized.

So if you’re still fretting about a costume to wear tonight, find a dark, loose-fitting robe, grab a beer stein, and a piece of parchment and go as Martin Luther.  Or better yet, read more about Reformation Day and the Protestant Reformation to learn more about the worldwide significance of this day in history.  Happy Reformation Day!

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