Top Ten Posts from 2013

I’ve spent the past year blogging multiple times weekly, and a review of the top ten posts from 2013 reveals that you and I have a lot in common.


Most of the posts listed below were written as a way for me to process personal events as they happened.  I was trying to make sense of what I was going through and glean life lessons from those circumstances.  When I posted my tentative, faltering gleanings others tended to see their own experiences reflected in mine.  Apparently even strangers and acquaintances have similar questions and concerns.  We’re all part of this human story, and we’re looking for others to share it with us.

Whether you blog, preach, or privately reflect remember this: When you speak from your authentic self you also speak to the deep concerns others have.  So share your story.  You may find that elements of your journey affect others in unforeseen and valuable ways.

10. Driving Miss Daisy: A Conversation about Sharecropping, Racism, and the Gospel

9. Why You Should Go to Small Group, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

8. Five Lessons from My Week as a Stay-at-Home Dad

7. 5 Things You MUST Do After a Conference

6. Public School vs. Homeschool: What’s a Christian to Do?

5. An Encouraging Conversation about Race and the Black Church

4. Is Public School an Option?

3. A New Southern Presbyterianism?

2. Christians, Protect Each Other from Busyness

1. Five Reasons to Confront Even If You Hate Confrontation

Share Your Thoughts: What other topics would you like to read or hear more about on this blog?  I’d love your suggestions! 

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