Discovering Your Calling by Discovering Yourself

Finding your calling is a never ending pursuit. It’s a topic I’m passionate about, so I’m always looking for substantive material.  I found this post by Trevin Wax of The Gospel Coalition. “3 Ways to Figure Out What to Do, In Light of Who You Are” shows us that you can discover your calling by discovering yourself. Here’s an excerpt along with three areas of personal discovery:

Today, I want to look at why it’s important to properly understand your own personal story within that overarching biblical narrative.

Knowing “what time it is” personally is essential for making wise decisions. Reggie McNeal has done a lot of work in this area. I’m going to lean on his book on spiritual leadership in order to focus on three elements we need to discern: personal life circumstances, personal gifting, and a sense of one’s calling.

 1. Personal Life Circumstances

“Knowing ‘what time it is’ personally begins with a look backward to time that has passed.”

2. Personal Gifts

“The next step in a leader knowing ‘what time it is’ personally is to take stock of one’s personal gifting in order to discover how these gifts may serve the Church in this generation.”

3. Personal Calling

“McNeal recommends one views a personal calling in more general terms, carefully discerning between passion and passing interests and simultaneously distinguishing between ‘tasks’ and ‘mission.'”

Read the rest of Trevin’s post here.

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