Here Is Your Next Book Study!

People who love books love ideas. They love stories and art. They resonate with a well-crafted sentence and plot twists. Reading elevates and humanizes us in a way few others activities can. The only thing better than reading a book is reading book in a community.

You may be looking for a new book to use in a book study group. You want something that will generate discussions, enlighten people, and maybe even reveal some differences of opinion.

I’d love to recommend to you my first book, The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism. Thousands of people have already grabbed their copy (in hardcover, soft cover, e-book, and audio form) and many of them have read it in church small groups, community groups, faculty study groups and more.

But now you have the opportunity not only to read the book, but to use the brand new video study series that goes with it. When you buy the DVD you get eleven videos, each about 20-minutes long, that go through the content of each chapter. The editors at Zondervan have done an incredible job incorporating photos and images into the presentation, so while I’ll be talking to you through the camera, you’ll have tons of visual content to add texture to the talking.

16th Street Baptist Church, September 16, 1963
photo credit: The Atlantic (AP)

I’m really excited about the opening to the video series. We got to visit the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. That is the site where four young Black girls were killed by a white supremacist terrorist in 1963. Their story opens The Color of Compromise and in the video series you get to see the place where it actually happened.

So pick up your copy of The Color of Compromise video study. It’s available January 7, 2020. Grab a few folks you know, and move from compromise to confrontation with racism.

Click HERE.

Color of Compromise video study!!!

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