My Visit to the Levine Museum of the New South

note: I made this post about my visit to the levine museum in 2017 (long before the 2020 pandemic) and thought I had published it. dear reader…I had not.

During a visit to Charlotte, North Carolina I visited the Levine Museum of the New South and I couldn’t wait to share some of the information I gained there.

The term “New South” refers to the post-Civil War and post-slavery South that was trying to move beyond its white supremacist roots into a future with economic opportunity and spurred by cutting-edge technology and participation in the national landscape. Charlotte was one of the cities in the South that moved rapidly from a relatively small agricultural enclave to a lively city with exponential growth in population, infrastructure, and capital. The museum traces the history of Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont from “Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers.”

Below are some photos I took (sorry for the glare) along with interpretations of their historical significance and connections to the present.

Click on the caption (not the picture by itself) to scroll through.

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