A Few Thoughts on Standardized Testing During Testing Season

From February through May you'll find a common emphasis across the nation's public schools. For weeks or months at a time schools prepare their students in what has become a hallmark of modern education--the standardized test. I have the privilege of serving some of our country's finest burgeoning minds as the interim principal of Midtown … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Standardized Testing During Testing Season

“Celebrating” Confederate Heritage Month

Seven states have designated April, the month when the Civil War both began and ended, as Confederate Heritage Month. The official proclamation, signed by the governor of my own adopted home of Mississippi says, "it is important for all Americans to reflect on our nation's past...and earnestly strive to understand and appreciate our heritage and our opportunities … Continue reading “Celebrating” Confederate Heritage Month

The South Will Rise Again…?

In his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention, then-Senator Barack Obama said, "There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there's the United States of America." His words drew a long and loud round of applause as the audience basked in the rhetoric of unity. Despite the desire … Continue reading The South Will Rise Again…?