Lil’ Wayne, Lecrae, and Redemption

Two men.  Both Black. Both Grammy award-winning hip-hop artists.  Two completely different messages.  Within one week both Lil’ Wayne and Lecrae made headlines for their music, but for very different reasons. Last week, Christian hip-hop artist, Lecrae, won a Grammy for “Best Gospel Album” at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.  The prestige of music’s highest honor … Continue reading Lil’ Wayne, Lecrae, and Redemption

Pass the Mic: Discussion on Faith and Culture

What is the relationship between faith and culture?  How do Christians charitably dialogue and disagree about preferences regarding music and other forms of cultural expression? These questions are especially relevant given the hullabaloo surrounding comments made about Christian Rap on the NCFIC conference panel.  Six men responded to the question, “Any thoughts on Reformed Rap … Continue reading Pass the Mic: Discussion on Faith and Culture

Lecrae’s Grammy and God’s Glory

I had a great time writing about Christian Hip Hop artist, Lecrae, winning his first Grammy award at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Last night at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Lecrae Moore won “Best Gospel Album” for “Gravity” released on September 4, 2012. While many other artists earned awards last night, Lecrae’s win is a departure … Continue reading Lecrae’s Grammy and God’s Glory