October 31st: Two Holidays in One!

Everyone knows October 31st is Halloween, but did you also know that it's Reformation Day? Whether Protestant or Catholic, Muslim or Christian Reformation Day is an important one.  On October 31st, 1517 a portly monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to church doors in Wittenberg, Germany.  Luther's lengthy list of grievances against the Roman … Continue reading October 31st: Two Holidays in One!

Within the Ribbon

The following is a guest post by Jim Hatch, Church Planter Development Director for the Presbyterian Church in America's (PCA) domestic missions department Mission to North America (MNA).  This post originally appeared in his September newsletter. ----------------------- We looked forward to the wedding of our good friend this summer.  But there was a puzzle I needed … Continue reading Within the Ribbon

Don’t Make an Idol of Christian Community

Most evangelical churches today have some sort of small group ministry.  In various ways, each congregation tries to create a sense of biblical, Christian community.  Community is good, but we must be careful not to make an idol of it. The Blessing of Community I've never been more excited about our community group.  The Lord … Continue reading Don’t Make an Idol of Christian Community

What Makes Christian Community So Hard?

Community.  It's all good until you actually try it.  Engaging in Christian community is a biblical requirement, but the idea is hard to implement because it runs counter to at least two powerful cultures. The Idea of Christian Community Our church small group recently spent an entire semester studying different aspects of Christian community: how … Continue reading What Makes Christian Community So Hard?