A New Southern Presbyterianism?

For some people Southern Presbyterianism and racial reconciliation is oxymoronic.  But the elusive reality of diversity and unity in the church just took a significant step forward. I recently participated on a panel about the topic "Christianity and Race" at the historic First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi.  The church has over 2,500 members, is the largest … Continue reading A New Southern Presbyterianism?

Doin’ St. Paddy’s Day in a Big Way

I often describe Jackson, Mississippi as a "big small town" or a "small big town".  Either description will do because  this city features the best of both. A Big Small Town or a Small Big Town At 174,000 people Jackson is slightly smaller than Little Rock and doesn't even come close to cities like Memphis … Continue reading Doin’ St. Paddy’s Day in a Big Way