How to Take Criticism Well

The start of a new year presents a natural opportunity for organizations to pause and reflect on their practices.  But annual reviews can be a source of anxiety as you brace yourself for negative feedback. How do you take criticism well? Frozen by Feedback I have the privilege of leading several endeavors, and at the … Continue reading How to Take Criticism Well

How Your Excesses Reveal Your Idols

Daily life barrages us with stress.  Family, work, money, relationships and more all cause anxiety to build up within our hearts and minds.  Oftentimes, though, we fail to recognize our stressors and seek to relieve the pressure through various kinds of excesses. An Urgent Mission, An Unhealthy Excess  I used to teach in a high-performing … Continue reading How Your Excesses Reveal Your Idols

6 Suggestions to Try Before You Send an Angry E-mail

E-mail has become an acceptable way to address sensitive issues.  Disagreements between co-workers, family members, and friends can all be brought up in an e-mail.  But trying to resolve an argument through your inbox can set you up for a broken relationship. In my former life as an administrator, I'd often be surprised to fire … Continue reading 6 Suggestions to Try Before You Send an Angry E-mail