Let’s Re-frame Racial Dialogue in Biblical Terms

Racial conversations have a frustrating repetitiveness. Whenever another racially charged incident happens we regurgitate the same conversations. We speak of individual responsibility and systemic ills. We speak of our nation’s “original sin” of slavery and its lasting effects. We speak of the insensitivity of “others” whoever they may be. Elements of these conversations have validity; … Continue reading Let’s Re-frame Racial Dialogue in Biblical Terms

Sen. John McCain’s Son Marries a Black Woman

One day seeing inter-racial couples won't be a big deal.  But considering the racial ruckus that a Cheerios commercial featuring an mixed family caused, we aren't there yet.  So, it's timely that Jack McCain, Sen. John McClain's son, and his new wife, Renee Swift, became the nation's most recent high-profile inter-racial married couple. According to … Continue reading Sen. John McCain’s Son Marries a Black Woman

Cheerios, the Church, and Diversity

I posted an article called "Cheerios, the Church, and Diversity" reflecting on the racist reactions sparked by a commercial for the popular cereal brand.   Here's an excerpt from the article originally posted on the RAANetwork blog. --------- Who would have thought a Cheerios commercial could spark racial rage? A recently released ad for the classic American cereal featured a … Continue reading Cheerios, the Church, and Diversity