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Featured Topics:

  • What Is the Color of Compromise?
      • Based on my first book The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism, I get straight to the root issues of white supremacy, greed, and the brutality of racism. This talk provides an introduction and overview of the book, but goes further. It equips listeners to understand the complexities of our current racial situation in order to disrupt the status quo. This talk is perfect in conjunction with a book-signing.
  • How to Fight Racism
      • Like an un-killable cockroach, racism keeps scurrying back into our lives to creep us out and contaminate everything it touches. No matter how many laws we pass, resolutions we write, or programs we implement, racism still seems just as present today as it has been in centuries past. This session will help us understand how America created the story of anti-black racism and spend some time explaining ways to flip the script in order to pursue meaningful racial justice right now.
  • Divided by Faith: Why Our Churches are Segregated in the First Place
      • By now it is relatively common knowledge that Sunday morning church services are the most segregated hour in America. The question is how did it get this way? And what do we do about it? In this talk I present a historical survey and sociological analysis of how racism created racial segregation in what should be God’s house of prayer for all people. This talk helps listeners understand the current state of the church in terms of race and move toward positive action steps to prevent prejudice.
  • How to Survive as a PoC at a PWI
      • Whether in college, seminary, or the workplace, racial and ethnic minorities often feel awash in a sea of whiteness. Surviving, let alone thriving, in such contexts presents a challenge to almost every person of color (PoC) at a predominantly white institution (PWI). In this talk, I offer some tools to help PoC understand racial identity development and give suggestions for self-care and maneuvering in white settings. This presentation works well for college students of all races as well as majority black student groups.

Some other topics I’ve addressed…

Understanding the Heart Cry of #Black Lives Matter (Race and the Church Series, Richmond, VA)

Red and Blue & Black and White: Untangling Race, Politics, and Religion in America (First Mondays Speaker Series, Dordt College, Iowa)

A Biblical Theology of Race and Ethnicity

Biblical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in Christian Organizations

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  1. I recently read your writing about living in the Deep South. As you were describing the cotton fields and being able to see the slaves it brought me to tears. I have never been south and have never witnessed segregation. I couldn’t finish reading. The tears kept flowing to a point I could no longer see the words. I feel awful for the things that have happened in the past and present. I am a 33 year old white woman. I have always tried to distance myself from all the horrible things on this earth. You opened my eyes to all that is still happening here. Because of your honest and sincere writing I appreciate my town and neighbors so much more. I am lucky enough to live in the north in a small town where race doesn’t seem to matter. We have an abundance of biracial families and immigrants that are all friendly and loving. You’ve made me proud to call this my home. If everyone would stop to read about everyone’s struggles and imagine themselves in there place maybe racism would cease to exist. Your a wonderful writer. I hope your words reach all people of all races and genders. We can truly learn from them and reflect on ourselves and what we could do to improve how we treat others.

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