The Elaine Massacre Memorial

A century ago this year, a wave of anti-black racial violence washed over the entire United States. The blood shed that summer earned it the moniker of "Red Summer." One of the deadliest race riots that year, and in the nation's history, happened near the small town of Elaine, Arkansas. On September 30, 1919, a … Continue reading The Elaine Massacre Memorial

Kool-Aid Pickles and Other Delta Delicacies

I lived in the Mississippi Delta long enough I sometimes forget how foreign certain aspects of the culture can be to others.  Particularly the food. When I referenced Kool-Aid pickles on the "About Me" page, I failed to remember that not everyone has had the privilege of learning about the unique flavors of the Delta. … Continue reading Kool-Aid Pickles and Other Delta Delicacies