Lil’ Wayne, Lecrae, and Redemption

Two men.  Both Black. Both Grammy award-winning hip-hop artists.  Two completely different messages.  Within one week both Lil’ Wayne and Lecrae made headlines for their music, but for very different reasons. Last week, Christian hip-hop artist, Lecrae, won a Grammy for “Best Gospel Album” at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.  The prestige of music’s highest honor … Continue reading Lil’ Wayne, Lecrae, and Redemption

Is Diversity Just a Cultural Issue?

Racial and ethnic diversity in the church is not simply a cultural issue it’s a gospel issue. I recently wrote about some encouraging signs of racial progress in a Southern Presbyterian church.  While most of the comments were positive, one person raised a concern that I’ve often encountered:  When you talk about race aren’t you … Continue reading Is Diversity Just a Cultural Issue?