A List of Resources About the Gospel and Diversity

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the gospel and diversity? Where do you start? What is trustworthy and worthwhile? What are some helpful resources to understand the biblical call for a racially, ethnically, economically, and culturally diverse body of worshipers? I recently had the privilege of presenting a workshop at the 2014 General … Continue reading A List of Resources About the Gospel and Diversity

Is Diversity Just a Cultural Issue?

Racial and ethnic diversity in the church is not simply a cultural issue it’s a gospel issue. I recently wrote about some encouraging signs of racial progress in a Southern Presbyterian church.  While most of the comments were positive, one person raised a concern that I’ve often encountered:  When you talk about race aren’t you … Continue reading Is Diversity Just a Cultural Issue?

Doubling Down on Christian Community

When life gets busy time spent in Christian community is often the first thing to go.  But it is in these times when we actually need fellowship more, not less. Fall: When Busyness Comes Back It's back-to-school season, and whether you're a student, or a teacher, or you've been working year-round, the summer lull has … Continue reading Doubling Down on Christian Community