Five P’s of Powerful Preaching

Whether you want to become a better preacher or you're just interested in what makes a good sermon, learning these five factors will help. Lessons from a Novice Preacher I haven't preached very many times.  I'm still just a novice at proclaiming the Word of God.  But I've gone through the process enough times to … Continue reading Five P’s of Powerful Preaching

9/11: In Memoriam

Lest our short memories forget the significance of this day, Father, I offer up a prayer in remembrance of  September 11, 2001. O Man of Sorrows (Is. 53:3), you who are perfectly satisfied within yourself yet entered into our human experience and underwent trials of which we cannot fathom.  Comfort those who mourn on this … Continue reading 9/11: In Memoriam

Five Lessons from My Week as a Stay-at-Home Dad

I have the pleasure of being married to a wonderful wife who also stays home with our child.  But I never realized how hard being a stay-at-home parent was until I became one. Stepping Up My Game In addition to staying at home with our toddler-aged son, my wife works full-time from home.  She can … Continue reading Five Lessons from My Week as a Stay-at-Home Dad

I Believe…

I write this post on a Sunday.  A day God instructs Christians to set aside for worship.  After a blissful, post-church nap I started thinking about why I do what I do.Why Do I Do What I Do?Why do I set aside a full day to go to church, Sunday School, and contemplate the goodness … Continue reading I Believe…

Should Christians Really Stop Saying These 6 Things?

Biblical Christianity is sadly misunderstood both by Christians and non-Christians alike.  The most persistent misunderstandings about Christianity seem to grow out of religious and philosophical pluralism in the U.S. Pluralism says that every religion is equally true and valid.  No religious adherents, therefore, can claim exclusive rights to the "truth" or impose their beliefs on … Continue reading Should Christians Really Stop Saying These 6 Things?