Five P’s of Powerful Preaching

Whether you want to become a better preacher or you're just interested in what makes a good sermon, learning these five factors will help. Lessons from a Novice Preacher I haven't preached very many times.  I'm still just a novice at proclaiming the Word of God.  But I've gone through the process enough times to … Continue reading Five P’s of Powerful Preaching

We Need More of this Kind of Preaching

If you're not familiar with this man of God, John Piper has been the senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN--a church he shepherded for over 30 years.  Pastor Piper's motivation for service is God's glory.  He founded a ministry called "Desiring God" to spread a passion for God's glory.  The ministry is … Continue reading We Need More of this Kind of Preaching