Reflections on the Legacy Conference

Few people know this but the Reformed African American Network almost had a different name. I don’t know what it would have become, but it almost certainly wouldn’t have had “RAAN” as a convenient acronym. Of the many conversations I had with various people about the name, one stands out.  RAAN co-founder, Phillip Holmes, and … Continue reading Reflections on the Legacy Conference

A Few Reflections on Easter from Matthew 28

During Holy Week this year I read the account of Jesus' path to the cross in the Gospel of Matthew.  Events like the Last Supper, washing the disciples' feet, praying in Gethsemane, and Judas' betrayal all lead to Christ's ignominious murder on the cross.  But Matthew 28 relates the account of the resurrection.  I saved … Continue reading A Few Reflections on Easter from Matthew 28