Let the Nations Read Blogs!

In 2013, people from 140 different countries visited the site.  Some from countries I'd never even heard of before (Thanks, New Caledonia!). The Bible exclaims in Psalm 67:4, "Let the nations be glad!"  Well, in light of this post perhaps we can paraphrase.  "Let the nations read blogs!" Praise the Lord for making the world … Continue reading Let the Nations Read Blogs!

It’s February–How Are You Doing on Your Goals?

Have you peeked at the calendar lately?  It's already February!  After the rapid passing of the first few weeks of 2013 it's time to ask a question: How are you doing on your goals? Remember all those grand plans you had for the 2013?  All those New Year's resolutions?  How are you progressing? Earlier this … Continue reading It’s February–How Are You Doing on Your Goals?