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My name is Jemar Tisby.  I’m a Christian, husband to Janee’ and father to Jack (they’re the cute ones in the picture to the left).  I earned a Master in Divinity at a Bible school called RTS Jackson, but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

This is my personal blog. I try to be helpful by reflecting on the great experiences I’ve had and turning them into life lessons.  I write about leadership, organization, issues of race, and Christianity.

I also write about other important matters like Notre Dame football, Kool-Aid pickles (What? You haven’t had one?), and random rants about how much better the world would be if I ran things.

I usually post about once a week, and sometimes more often.  The best way to keep up with my newest posts is to subscribe via e-mail (look for the sign-up on the top right corner of every page).  This whole effort would be so much more exciting if I had someone to talk to!  So I’ll do my best to respond when you post a comment or send me an e-mail.

Getting Started: 

If you are new to my site here are a few articles to get you started:

Revisiting Your Memorial Stones

African Americans and Big God Theology 

The Joyful Pursuit of Multi-Ethnic Churches

Three Lessons I Learned from Almost Crashing My Website

RAAN Anniversary Video

You can also look at some other posts I’ve written here.

Other Interesting Stuff

I’m involved in some cool projects.  You’ll definitely want to check out the African American Leadership Initiative  (AALI) at RTS Jackson.  The initiative seeks to increase the number of African Americans at the seminary and prepare Christians of any race for African American, multi-ethnic, and urban ministry.

I co-founded the Reformed African American Network (RAAN) with a classmate of mine.  RAAN’s goal is to address the core concerns of African Americans biblically. We do this through a website that has weekly blog articles and podcast.  We also supply a host of resources for anyone looking to learn more about Reformed theology and African Americans.  Check out the website here.

I’m also a member at a multi-ethnic Presbyterian church in Jackson, MS called Redeemer Church.


My Biography

I grew up just north of Chicago in a town called Waukegan, IL.  And that’s how I say it every time, I never claim that I’m from Chicago (Wauk-town for life!).  I became a Christian at the age of 16 through a high school youth group and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I went to the University of Notre Dame, but I’ve never been Catholic.  I had a great experience there and even spent a semester in Jerusalem.  I stayed at ND one more year and I worked in their campus ministry department.  You can read more about my college memories here.

I joined Teach For America and was part of the the 2003 Mississippi Delta Corps.  I taught sixth grade at KIPP Delta College Preparatory School and I’m sure I learned more from my students than I ever taught them.

After four years of teaching I started my seminary career at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  I loved my time there, but after just one year, God called me back to KIPP where I became the principal for three years.

In June 2011, I moved to Jackson, MS to finish my MDIV at RTS Jackson.  Along the way, I married my wife, Janee’, and we have a son, Jack.  We love it here, and we’d be glad if God let us live south of the Mason-Dixon for a lifetime.

My passion is to glorify God by fostering engagement between African Americans and Reformed theology for the transformation of individuals, families, and communities.

What gives me joy is grilling meat, watching football, writing this blog, teaching, reading, and answering questions about Jesus.  Feel free to ask me anything through my ‘Contact Me’ page!


My Contact Information

e:mail | jemar@raanetwork.org

Jemar on twitter | @JemarTisby

Jemar on facebook

RAAN on twitter

RAAN on facebook

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank Jamer for the overview of reformed. It’d never heard of it or considered the distinction. I appreciate the information.

    1. Thanks for reading Kristal. I’m passionate about biblical truth and Reformed theology is the best system I’ve found to articulate the teachings of Scripture accurately. I hope you’ll check out more articles on the RAAN website (www.raanetwork.org)!

  2. Hi my name is Jimmy Stanley and I’m gathering information on Black African Americans at the moment for my church and I choose you for a candidate I was wondering how old are you and when where you born if you can get me that information I would surely appreciate it and thanks for being a positive role model you can also contact me on my cell phone 4042135206

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