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My name is Jemar Tisby.  I’m a Christian, historian, writer, and speaker. My first book, The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism was released in January 2019 from Zondervan.

This is my personal blog. I try to be helpful by reflecting on the great experiences I’ve had and turning them into life lessons.  I write about issues of history, race, justice, and Christianity.

I also write about other important matters like Notre Dame football, Kool-Aid pickles (What? You haven’t had one?), and random rants about how much better the world would be if I ran things.

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Getting Started: 

If you are new to my site here are a few articles to get you started:

“So This Is America.”: My Visit to the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library

Why Juneteenth Should Be a National Holiday

You can also look at some other posts I’ve written here.

Other Interesting Stuff

I serve as president of The Witness, a Black Christian Collective. I am also the co-host of the Pass The Mic podcast. I am currently writing my dissertation as part of the PhD program in history at the University of Mississippi.


My Biography

I grew up just north of Chicago, not actually in the city, so I always say I’m from the Chicago-area.  I became a Christian at the age of 16 through a high school youth group and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I went to the University of Notre Dame, but I’ve never been Catholic.  I had a great experience there and even spent a semester in Jerusalem.  I stayed at ND one more year and I worked in their campus ministry department.  You can read more about my college memories here.

I joined Teach For America and they assigned me to the Mississippi Delta Corps.  I taught sixth grade at a public charter school and I’m sure I learned more from my students than I ever taught them.

After four years of teaching I started my seminary career at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  I loved my time there, but after just one year, God called me back to my former school where I became the principal for three years.

In June 2011, I moved to Jackson, Mississippi to finish my MDIV at RTS Jackson.  Along the way, I married my wife, and we had a son.  Although we are not sure where the future will take us, we love the Deep South–especially the weather, people, and food!

I published my first book, The Color of Compromise, in January of 2019. It is a historical survey of the American church’s complicity with racism with practical suggestions for moving forward.

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49 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank Jamer for the overview of reformed. It’d never heard of it or considered the distinction. I appreciate the information.

    1. Thanks for reading Kristal. I’m passionate about biblical truth and Reformed theology is the best system I’ve found to articulate the teachings of Scripture accurately. I hope you’ll check out more articles on the RAAN website (www.raanetwork.org)!

      1. Dear Jemar,

        A brother in Christ lent me “The Color of Compromise” and I began reading it last night. This motivated me to want to know you better so I was poking around and see that you favor reformed theology. I listen to John Piper virtually every day, but I came to know the Lord at age 25 in a dispensational church. Might you be so kind as to share with me your top 2-3 reasons for believing reformed theology makes the best sense for understanding God’s word? Many thanks!

        P.S. If my question better answered in another forum, please direct me there.

  2. Hi my name is Jimmy Stanley and I’m gathering information on Black African Americans at the moment for my church and I choose you for a candidate I was wondering how old are you and when where you born if you can get me that information I would surely appreciate it and thanks for being a positive role model you can also contact me on my cell phone 4042135206

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  4. Why autoinject the “Mason Dixon” line into where you live? “All About Me” is apparently what all of “this” is about. I read a few of your quotes about Race in church, and I believe there are some who live to cash in on Race and it has become tiresome and an unnecessary waste of people’s time and tends to perpetuate all that is “bad” in race relations. When you are in Church, do you believe God is ‘countin white folks and black folks? I go to church for any number of reasons related only to my faith, but my skin and the skin color of others is never a consideration. This “Cashing in on Color” is a poor way to approach Church and life in general. Beating the drum of Racism, especially as a “preacher” only causes the very divineness that has been the opposite of inclusion and to be an argument how we are judged by our skin color but not by our character. I believe Martin Luther King did not intend this continued cash-cow of Racism to be a long sustained cottage industry. It is a way to keep division alive, a sort of new segregation BY people of color, so what has been gained, outside of profits and a continued animosity due to race, which help feed yet more profits? This is not an attempt at inclusiveness, it is just the opposite. I’ve had enough of it. There are so many topics that involve the Church and God which need never involve race, unless divineness is your goal since that sells well now. I wish you well, and I hope an epiphany centered in and about God overwhelms your soul and what you are invested in now, that could be a True Step Forward for you and for a great many others, being a source for Goodness for all people’s, regardless of their skin color or background.

    1. I find these shallow judgmental comments to be at the hearth of the matter. In our world truth is important and it takes time and study to bring it to light and if a person decides to make that his life’s work ( including being paid for it) then we our blessed as a society and should welcome the truth at any cost.

      1. Charles, I like your response…but how does ‘shallow judgmental comments’ help? How did those words earn a spot in your response? If you had omitted the first sentence, the crux of your point would’ve been valid and alive.

    2. Well said Anthony! That’s the truth. But I’m afraid that because of the worldview many have like Jamar, they will simply brush off the truth of God’s Word and continue to USE it to further their divisive agenda.

  5. Just want to say I love ya brother – but given your stance expressed by your recent article on social justice and your insistence that in objecting to the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, you fail to offer any attempt to bring a biblical witness to refute what it says, “point by point” – I’m compelled to say that it seems to me you’re so trapped in the skin-color category’s that you’re having a very difficult time reconciling your love for the word of God and reformed theology and your penchant for seeing the world thru group identity politics. My prayer for you as well as those of us who agree with the statement would be that we allow the grace of God to soften our hearts toward one another as brothers and sisters in Christ so that we can all submit to and agree to sit under the authority of the only name given to men by which we must be saved. Peace.

  6. Greetings Jemar,
    I really enjoyed your article on Vox from 10.31.17, “I’m a black man who moved to the Deep South. Here’s what it’s teaching me about race”. I, too, moved to the South from the North at an adult age and your observations are spot on. Thank you for putting words to these shared experiences. Keep up the good work.
    All the best to you and your family!

  7. I am a white Christian who has spent most of my adult life in an ‘evangelical’ community but for the last 2 years have been in a Reformed church after retiring and moving to NYC. I have listening to Pass the Mic for the past year from just before your migration to The Witness. Because of your target audience I have been content to just listen as I have been intent on just trying to gain a broader perspective in my faith. On this week’s podcast I was ‘woken’ to Tyler’s and your’s political journeys which have similarities to my own with relatively recent migrations from‘white evangelical mostly Republican’ leanings to something else. I affirm Jemar’s exhortation to 1) be politically involved for his stated position that justice demands it and 2) that Christians can be useful in either political party. I would add that the church can be most potent if is active but not dogmatically aligned with any party so that it can provide a prophetic voice, exhorting justice and compassion within either political party.. I have to admit though, that although I have been a member of the Republican Party until this last year, I have registered as nonaffiliated this last year. In the last couple of years I have been becoming more attuned to the other issues of justice, and I have also become totally dismayed by the increasing corruption of the party. Anyway, God bless everyone in your ministry. Keep up the good work.

  8. Professional race-baiter. Let’s discuss the widespread violence and criminal behavior in black communities. Thousands of blacks are murdered by blacks. Check out Chicago, etc.
    Why don’t you write about a black mother of 5 killed by a stray bullet from feral blacks having a shootout in the street where the deli she worked was located. It’s in Philadelphia.
    Let’s discuss a 9-year-old black girl killed by black thugs in Richmond, Virginia. Or 2 17-year-old black males shot on a Richmond street by black males.
    Or a shootout between feral blacks at a block party in the projects in Norfolk killing 1 and wounding 9 others. All over some petty fight.
    I’m sure you will find some way to blame whites for that too.
    I could go on all day, you don’t care.
    Yes, I will identify myself.

  9. Jemar, as a white evangelical Christian in the reformed tradition, and an educator, who myself has over the years slowly changed from a “let’s move past race” perspective to embracing the need to speak truthfully about our past and our present and actively engage in pursuing justice, THANK YOU. I hope the comments from naysayers who simply don’t know any better can roll off your back. May God continue to bless you and your family and increase your influence.

  10. Greetings. I just ordered your book and look forward to it being the subject of a discussion group next month. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents. I am a Notre Dame grad also. Law school 1987. Best wishes.

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