At heart, I’m a storyteller. I seek to tell important stories about race, religion, and history in as many ways as possible–sometimes that includes writing and commenting on national news outlets. Here are some samples of my work from various media outlets.

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What is white Christian Nationalism? Sociologist @ndrewwhitehead, breaks it down in two minutes.
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The tip-toeing, the coddling, the deliberateness…NO OTHER racial or ethnic group, much less Black people, would be afforded the kind of delicateness authorities and politicians are using with white people who threaten and enact violence against the government.

The latest in "Those Meddling Kids: Unmasking the Anti-CRT Crusade in Christian Higher Ed"
Episode 9- A Pastoral Response to the Anti-CRT Crusade with Rev. Doc. @RevJacquiLewis
Episode 10- Protesting Against the Anti-CRT Crusade with @andrehenry


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