At heart, I’m a storyteller. I seek to tell important stories about race, religion, and history in as many ways as possible–sometimes that includes writing and commenting on national news outlets. Here are some samples of my work from various media outlets.

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This is one of the most important historical stories I've ever been part of telling. I hope you'll join me for this FREE teach-in about the bloodiest race massacre you've probably never heard of--The Elaine Massacre.
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They chose the perfect clip to highlight the upcoming documentary “The Redeem Team” about the 2008 Men’s Olympic Basketball Team. 😳@Netflix @KingJames @DwyaneWade #TUDUM

“How can a group of people be so certain about topics that are so complicated? How can they say with so much certainty, "The Bible says..." when so often their interpretations have led to injustice and oppression?”

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